Drum Recruitment recruit recruiters for recruitment companies. Rec2Rec. Simple as that.


How We Do It


Recruitment is not rocket science. Surely it is just matching the skills, matching the culture, job done?


However, at every step, recruitment is about people, the candidates, the clients, the consultants. A melting pot of aspirations, desires and dreams.


At Drum, we understand that we are talking about you, and your next recruitment job, or your next hire and it is important. That is why we want to meet you, find out what you want from your job, or what you need in your next team member. It is a simple formula, but it works. The more we know about you, the more likely we can get you what you want.


How We Learnt It


Drum Recruitment are old hands at recruitment, with over 20 years' of recruiting wisdom in global and independent agencies in both hemispheres. 


In London and the Home Counties we learnt recruitment the hard way. In Australia we discovered that a cheery voice-message to a cold call often resulted in a polite call back. It was sunny, and we lived next to a beach. Those were the days.

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